"The music I’ve made the past year has been fueled by a cocktail of loneliness, blind desire and personal battles. From years of playing a comfortable supporting role in rock bands, to stepping up front, drawing from all roots, and forging a deep soul and electronic sound blended with acoustic textures, all the while maintaining a singer/songwriter perspective.
My music draws from so many different musical sensibilities, and focuses on concepts and feelings that attract people to those different styles and those are what I try to blend when making music. A goal of mine is to create a synergistic essence of the styles I appreciate most, and pay homage to those that have inspired me to do so." - Luke 


Musically influenced by a diverse collection of styles from early western folk to jazz, nineties hip hop and millennial electronic. 

Born to artists in San Francisco, and raised in northern california among a musically like-minded large family.

"Discovering vocal talent at ten put me on my path to songwriting and performing.

At sixteen started playing bass and singing with artists signed to Rogue Island Ent. based in Seattle. At eighteen, moved to Los angeles and began fashioning my sound and continued to write, produce and perform original material."

Luke's music is emotionally influenced by the loss of family at a young age.